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2557 Posts: 885
Hi Sorry for asking about this but I'm wondering if anyone can help me. A couple of months ago I was browsing this website and I saw a fabulous Bridesmaid Dress. It was pasted onto the forum by somebody (i.e. there was no link). It was a short (just below the knee) 50s style strapless cream dress (not 110%) on the colour. It was very Charlotte Sex in the City style and really gorgeous. I can't find it anywhere and have done loads of searches!! (Bring on the P45!! :wink: ) If you know where this forum is or if you posted this picture - can you please point me in the right direction? I would love something like that for my bridesmaids! Thanks Girls.
clio99 Posts: 712
Hi the only one i can think of is the watters website. they are quite sex and the cityish
charlies angel Posts: 230
Could it be this one: [img:8qw45xix][/img:8qw45xix] It's an Alfred Sung dress and I found it by going on to and doing a search there.
bridette Posts: 362
was it on this thread maybe? ... ht=fifties
2557 Posts: 885
Thanks a million girls but it's none of them!! So typical of me not to take note of it - I thought that i'd be able to find it again. :oops: Anyway, if you happen to stumble across it i'd really appreciate it. I think it was about early - mid May when I was looking but who knows - that what I get for been so disorganised!! Thanks for all the help!
MrsP2B Posts: 180
Hey try either pronuptia webb site or alfred angelo they have dresses similar to what you have explained. addresses are: or good luck :)
charlies angel Posts: 230
Could it be this one: [img:3bw7zq6r][/img:3bw7zq6r] This one is a Jim Hjelm dress.
charlies angel Posts: 230
Or maybe it's this one : [img:l5harm7j][/img:l5harm7j] from Alan Hannah's collection
2557 Posts: 885
Tied The Knot - they're both gorgeous!!! Wow! You've all sent me such nice picture that I think that they're more lovely than the dress I was originally looking for!! :lol: Thanks guys