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Avon Dee Posts: 155
I'm 9 weeks pregnant this week, and since day one I've been suffering day and night with morning sickness, and sore boobs etc. I woke up this morning and wasn't sick at all and boobs are not sore at all, I might be being paranoid but I've had two m/c's previously so I phoned the local hospital today but being bank hol the EPU is closed so have to wait til tomorrow - have some niggly pains aswell but don't know if I'm half imagining these. Can anyone help? Are ye all still sick? Might be silly but last time I had m/c the nurse asked me if I still felt pregnant and I didn't - it was the same way - had the sore boobs and m/s up until the day I miscarried - in a heap here so any help is appreciated
Peak Posts: 825
Mrs me do you live near a maternity hopsital? You could go to the emergency department and explain your fears and they would scan you. I have also lost a few pregnancies and last time it happened I went to the emergency department in the coombe and they scanned me straightaway. I really hope that nothing is wrong. The other girls around your stage will be able to help better about whether they are still sick but I have heard of women's sickness going at your stage and everything was fine.
mac tavish Posts: 296
hi mrsme, Im just 10 weeks now and to be honest i only feel bad in the evening times apart from when i try to brush my teeth :hic I have had a mc as well and i know how scared you feel as well. The pains are pretty much normal more than likely just stretching pains. I would go into the hospital tomorrow just to put your mind at ease, they will probably do a scan. I had a scan in the er in the coombe at 7 weeks and they were able to see the heartbeat and i had my dating scan on thursday and it was beating away like mad. On my first mc i had no pain only brown discharge first thing in the morning and i only started having period type pains and bleeding that night. I hope all goes ok for you just go in tomorrow anyway cos you wont be able to relax otherwise. Ill be thinking of you :xxx
Avon Dee Posts: 155
Thanks, I phoned the hospital this morning and was put thru to Labour ward, nurse basically told me there was nothing they could do anyway until tomorrow as it was Bank Hol. I suppose its more because every pregnancy I've had I was so used to having morning sickness that now if it is gone I'm panicking that somethin is wrong
mac tavish Posts: 296
i know how you feel im going around pulling out of my boobs all the time! Must remember to stop doing that in public! But at around 9 weeks i think the placenta starts to take over a bit and the levels of early pregnancy hormones start to drop as well so it could be that. Best of luck and let us know how you get on.
baby-bel Posts: 929
Hi Mrs me, I had exactly the same as you, my pg symptoms were sore boobs & evening sickness for a few weeks & then all of a sudden nothing :eek not a symptom in the world, and like you I was really really anxious and I even posted here about it also, I was sure I was having a mc or that things were going wrong somehow, I also had had a previous mc on my previous pg so was doubly anxious and scrutinising everything as you would. But as you can see Im still pg thankgod :lvs almost 21wks now so all was fine. I even mentioned it to my doc & my gyne at one point as I couldnt stop thinking about it and they just said you are lucky you have no symptoms!! I didnt feel lucky back then as I would have given anything to be peuking every day if only to give me reassurance that I was still pg :o0 so try not to worry too much , if you think about it lots of women who are pg (and hadnt planned it-therefore are not looking for symptoms) dont even realise they are pg for quite a while as alot of the time symptoms are minor or non existent. I also had 2 episodes of brownish bleeding at different times but again they turned out to be nothing. I hope everything is fine, have a scan for reassurance tomorrow anyway but try not to worry too much in the meantime :xox