Lost Speeding Fine

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Jaycee1 Posts: 150
Hi , I wonder if anyone can help me? I got a speeding fine a couple of weeks ago ( the shame :-8 ). The thing is....I can't find the fine :eek Does anyone know how I go about paying it ? I don't want to leave it any longer or the amount of the fine will go up :o( I'd appreciate it if anyone could help. Cheers O-O
Mrs Summer Posts: 5040
If it was me Id probably ring or drop into my local Garda station and explain my situation and see what they had to say, Im sure they'd have a central computer system that could be checked for you
mrsb09 Posts: 1292
there is a local call number, if you ring enquiries or the fines office on o connell street. just maybe have name address dob reg of car, im sure they will find ya if they want money off ya.