Lough Eske winter weddings

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a wedding daze Posts: 1
Hey there, I am currently negotiating with Lough Eske but unsure whats the best price we can get as we are on a tight budget, if anyone has any information on booking with Lough Eske Castle it would be amazing, Thanks so much for your help, Emma
Claire7717 Posts: 1
Hi Emma Any luck negotiating with Lough Eske? Did you book it? I went to view it, love it but price of things putting me off. Wondering if they negotiate on things? Price of rooms is getting me. What time of year are you looking for? I was looking at August. Room prices are 240. Claire
dolldoll Posts: 3
Hello! We are interested in booking either Lough Eske or Mount Juliet. I was hoping to get some guidance on price and what I should be negotiating on. I'd really appreciate any help. Also your experience if you had your wedding in either venue recently. Thanks so much