Lough Rynn Brides Any supplier tips

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adoherty2424 Posts: 257
Hi there Any ladies getting married in Lough Rynn I would love any tips on suppliers or details on the b&b's in the area and the cost etc.....
Harlequin Wol Best Band Posts: 645
Hi, There is a lovely b&b about 1 km from the hotel inside the estate grounds. Forget the name of it but it is lovely and we stayed there after a particularly late wedding in July. Its beside the artist workshop. Fairly reasonable rates and very homely! After that i think there is another one on the grounds as well on the other side of the estate. Happy hunting. Shane, Harlequin O-O
mister Posts: 1
Hi, I'm also looking at Lough Rynn also would love to know what people did with the room and decorating it?? As if I'm honest it didn't blow me away... Also the bar being sort of outside is a major concern for me?? Past Brides what were you experiences good and bad :) Thanks