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Terri1 Posts: 1158
was anyone watching the leinster final today? Louth versus Meath. Meath won. Louth were winning by 1 point well into injury time. Then meath got a goal which should've been disallowed as it was thrown into the net. The ref conferred wit the umpire who allowed the goal. The whistle was blown then. Well the Louth "supporters" came onto the pitch and attacked the ref. Physically attacked him. Disgraceful scenes. Loads of children there so what a great example. Louth were definitely robbed but no excuses for that behaviour. The guards had to escort the ref off the pitch.
mamam Posts: 724
Hi im a Louth woman was at the match myself it was a disgrace the way them supporters acted, yes Louth were robbed goal should never have been allowed but the way they acted was unbelievable we were just over it children were terrified
Snuddlums Posts: 1644
they acted disgracefully-let their team and county down.Its been said meath cheated but at end of the day-ref and umpire allowed goal.bad end to leinster final.
BiaBlasta Posts: 1002
I was in Croke park today, the behaviour from some people was terrible. I'm from Meath and didn't even feel right when they won. Even leaving croke park there was a horrible atmosphere, normally everyone would be having great craic. I think ref made wrong decision, it was definitely a free and if he just gave the free, it would have been a draw and then a replay, no one would feel hard done by then. It wasn't a fair decision.
mrsmcdreamy Posts: 880
Louth were robbed. they mightnt make another leinster final for another 20 years. id be disgusted if i was them. however them louth fans that attacked the ref were an absolute disgrace. it was no way to carry on and it must have frightened the life out of the ref and his family, let alone other people who were at the match. they were such cowardly men. they were half pushing the ref and half trying to shoulder him. they were an absolute embarasment and i hope they are severly punished. on another note where in the name of god were the stewards and gardai. they left him so unprotected. they should have swarmed around him anticipating that reaction.
MINI DONKEY Posts: 2499
[quote="mrsmcdreamy":21oaeidx]on another note where in the name of god were the stewards and gardai. [/quote:21oaeidx] Yeah maybe it's time to start what they do at soccer and rugby and no fans on the pitch. Feel so sorry for Louth, they were ROBBED, should be a replay. However I know the fans were an absolute disgrace but it was a very small number of them, it's not right that all the Louth fans are getting a bad name or that they're saying there may be no replay cos of the actions of the fans...
aston Posts: 4100
Oh my god I was watching this too! I was so so shocked and scared for the ref. I wouldnt have liked to have been there today at all. I do think the ref final decision was wrong and it is a pity that Louth were robbed. they deserved to win. I saw loads of kids in the crowd looking terrified. The guards and stewards I dont think were prepared for the attack on the ref at all and he was left wide open for an attack. It was a sad result. I hope to see Louth going on and keep playing the way they were today. They are a very good team! Sorry all Louth supporters!
Terri1 Posts: 1158
don't think there'll be a replay myself. Louth will go into the qualifiers now. It was so harsh on them but no excuse for those men. I hope they'll be banned for life.
GirlFriday Posts: 1815
I don't think the Louth fans will get a bad name, no matter which county was in that position there'd always be a few idiots like those ones today... I was only watching on the tv and I'm not from either county and I could feel the tension, it looked like a very explosive atmosphere down in CP. If you ask me the umpires were at fault, they had the best view of the action and should have helped the ref make the right decision... The lads on RTE immediately started campaigning for a replay for Louth and I hope they get it >:o(
Rubyrose Posts: 5522
I was also in Croke Park today and I do feel that Louth were robbed, as I said in LOS, poor Louth were really let down by the actions of some of their fans, while I dont condone their actions I can understand their frustration (DH is from Meath & knows they weren't the better team on the day)