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summer 12 Posts: 389
I know people have posted on this already , just wanted to add a new post to say how fantastic these invitations really are.I researched every website here to track down a classy pocketfold.Samantha is the lady in question ,shes fast effecient and very professional.Shes on facebook love cherish or her website my invites today .160 day invites all printed with names rsvp accomodation etc 70 evening invites just like a proper day invite all for 550 Euro. well impresses.
mrsbrowne2be Posts: 71
hi summer 12, i was looking at her fb page and she is one talented lady! her invites are absolutely gorgeous! can i ask which ones you went for (you can pm me if you prefer) and did you get a sample firstly - and how much that cost. also were you charged customs on the delivery as it came from england? thanks
gingerwhinger Posts: 1421
i got love and cherish invites too, think they are the Jessica ones. I did loads of searches and found Sam to be the cheapest around. I only ordered 110 day invites and they cost €200 (no customs as they are coming from the UK). Although i'm happy with the invites I do think they are a 'little' cheap looking (not really the right words i want to use to describe them because they are actually really nice) but for the price I paid for them I can't complain
summer 12 Posts: 389
i ordererd a sample originally and wasnt 100% happy but she really has these classy looking in the ivory pealescent no ribbons just a very sample diamante and a rose detail .must say now very good quality and feel good and bulky!!am v pleased, i know everyones expreriences are different
atina Posts: 2240
I got mine from Sam too and everyone commented on how gorge they were! I did have to restick some stuff when they arrived but i didnt mind because overall they were fab
lolly2010 Posts: 707
Belle28 Posts: 260
I received invitations from Sam last week. Couldn't wait to show them off in work. Also got mass booklet covers which are sooo pretty. My theme is ivory and lace and they look pure luxury, amazing for the price Ii paid! Looking forward to sending them out! :o)ll
BabyFootsteps Posts: 279
Id have to agree with the girls.. I got mine from Sam and they are fantastic.... Everyone is complimenting me on them and how luxerious they look... Saying I must have spent a fortune.. :) they were so reasonable and it's thanks to wollies here that I found her.. Priced DIYing it and worked out €40 difference for 74 invites, directions, accommadation and rsvps.. And these looked 10 times better.... It was a no brainer for me..hope that helps..:)
sweets78 Posts: 346
I also got my invites from Sam , I got loads of compliments about them and the price was great.I didnt like the samples I got first and she had no problem in changing them and the delivery to Ireland was very quick :wv
AwkwardAnnie Posts: 2191
Can I ask what type of invitations you went for? Where they wallet types or flat cards?? Currently thinking of DIY'ing but of there was an easy way out, I could possibly take it!