love heart favours !!!!!!

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jo-ann Posts: 25
Hi everyone , I just saw a box of 150 packets of love heart sweets on e bay ,, really cheap like 20 EURO INC P+P ....Was thinking of getting them insted of the usual chocolates ,,, a bit of a change , what does everyone think ,,, tacky ? fun ? .Thought they could be cool inh little boxes wrapped in black ribbion (theme is black +white) ,,,, all opinions are grateful ................thanks girls :wv
Deise Bride Posts: 352
I saw them on e-bay and think they're actually kinda nice....not tacky bit of fun!! The diffrence in price is unreal. Tis not a bad site for the favours and sure you can always order one lot see what they are like and ya haven't lost too much if they end up being crap:wv
Daisy Doo Posts: 1091
I think it's a brill idea!something diff plus no sign of them melting!
Betsy May Posts: 2168
I think putting them in the black and whites boxes is nice - will posh them up a bit.
ozypozy Posts: 2950
if you go onto you can even get the wrappers personalised!
jo-ann Posts: 25
wow thakns for that , thats a really good idea ... must have a look at that site O-O
Mrs080808 Posts: 1569
i was at a wedding last year that had love hearts as favours and it was really nice, but they weren't personalised
Italy07 Posts: 5409
We had lovehearts as favours for the kids along with Pez, but to be honest I don't think the kids got any of the lovehearts as the adults were all robbing them.
princess buttercup Posts: 1457
I made up favour bags for our wedding with mini rolls of love hearts, and other sweets I got off ebay (bits of rock with "Mr & Mrs" and "Just Married" through them, and mint imperials in wrappers that said "Thank you for sharing our special day") - I got organza bags from ebay that matched the bridesmaids dresses, and put a little heart shaped charm on the front where the ribbons met. Everyone loved them - they were that little bit different, and I had great fun assembling them.
Spudnik2b Posts: 1804
I think its a brilliant idea, my sister had them at her wedding during the summer and they went down a real treat... everybody loves lovehearts!!