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Ducky Posts: 2506
Just back from doc after second fainting spell in 4 days. Have been feeling day-dreamy, dizzy and faint a lot recently, but knew that my blood pressure was on the low side so didn't worry. Feel fine the rest of the time. But today it is down to 83 over 50-sdomething and he wants to sign me off for six weeks. That would drive me demented, I'd hate it. I refused and we are going to reassess it in a fortnight. Am not at all stressed or worried I must admit, as can feel it coming on and would never get in a car or anything when dizzy. Apart from lots of fluid and rest, what else can I do? Any suggestions or experiences from those with low BP?
Sassy Posts: 2269
I dont have any remedies or suggestions but i just wanted to say look after yourself. Don't be doing to much.
Sphynx Posts: 6795
If you're going to keep working Ducky make sure you slow down all the same and tell them at work that you need to!
Mama Smurf Posts: 1447
oh god i'd love that. 6 weeks of pure rest and relaxation. could do with that right around now. take it while you can
mammybean Posts: 10364
I am going to be blunt, Coming from someone who has had both a miscarraige and a still born, iof the doctor tells you to take of work for six weeks then take six weeks off. If thats the worst that will happen during your pregnancy then count yourself blessed. Imagine if something happened and u were blaming yourself for not taking docs advice, its not for the good of HIS health he is telling you. Now i dont want to seem mean and i do know where you are coming from but look at the flip side of the coin.
Ducky Posts: 2506
Yes, I completely agree that baby comes first and believe me, I am not going to work out of any mad loyalty...but low blood pressure does not affect the baby, the only risk is if I fall and at least at work I am surrounded by first aiders. If I am home alone and fall down the stairs?? Also, I feel very well other than the 'spins' in the mornings usually. I have not gone to work any day that feeling didn't pass as I would not risk the drive. I stayed in bed and loved it! I just know I would find it hard to do nothing for six weeks, looking at a dirty house I couldn't clean. However, if the BP does not rise over the coming days, then I will go home. I would feel terribly guilty though, as feel fine and baba tearing about the place. But, I would never risk it, I promise!
mammybean Posts: 10364
I'm glad you saw the point i was tying to make and didnt think the cheeky bitch!!
grumpy Posts: 1280
I have low bp too, but thankfully not that bad. Perhaps you should take a week now, instead of waiting the fortnight? (or did I misunderstand that?). All you can do is rest, but I don't think its a blanket bedrest order that you'd have, just rest a lot more than usual. It would drive me batty looking a dirty house too, but you could still do little bits a pieces, just nothing strenuous or for long periods of time.
Ducky Posts: 2506
No worries beanies, I think people can be too quick to lash out on this site sometimes, just cos they might read something that might be a bit uncomfortable to face up to! You made a very fair point... So, as for all this rest I should have - I have a wedding and christening this weekend!! I'll be good...I promise :o0
bree Posts: 1880
hey ducky - hope your enjoying your weekend minus the dizzy spells.when i was at the hospital last week my BP was like yours (between 78/55 and 90/60 at the highest) on every occasion they took it ,they told me to lay flat but other than that didnt give any advice & said nothing when i was leaving re.driving etc...which is the one thing that would worry me !.. six wks is along time to be off but mayb try a week off to relax & rest & then see how you feel.. i took this week off & headed home to mammy for the week & really feel things improved with rest ( must take it now to see actually - we have one of those little machines here & my brothers think im a complete hypacondriac cos have been taking Bp soo much! hehe) ...anyway i would advise that u take one week off & then reaccess after that.. hope your feeling well