Low Blood Pressure???

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lough08 Posts: 248
Hi all, I was at mass this morning and at the beginning when i was standing i came out in a hot flush/cold sweat, i could literally feel the energy drain from me and the sweat on my face and running down my back, was really dizzy and my vision went pure blurry. i had to sit down realy quickly, didn't trust myself to walk out of the church without fainting, it was so scary. I had two episodes in a row of this and then i was fine, really lethargic (sorry for spelling) after but fine for rest of day. Two of my friends say it was low blood pressure but my doc's are worried about my blood pressure being high, it's always borderline when checked and there's talk of them putting me on tablets. Has anyone else experienced this? it was really scary. Hubbie says i should ring the doc in the morning but i've been fine all day since then... please help!!!! :-8 :thnk
mrspiggy Posts: 1289
I had a very similar episode one day and it is a blood pressure dip. I lay down for about 30mins when it happened and was ok again. It only ever happened once with me but I did let doc know anyway. I actually thought I was going to be sick and pass out all at once - luckily I was at home when it occurred.
lough08 Posts: 248
i forgot that bit mrs piggy, i was the same, it's horrible. do you think i should ring the doc especially to tell her though? i just had my routine check up with her last week so won't be going near a doc again till my hospital apt in 4 weeks (hopefully), thanks for getting back to me :thnk :thnk
mrspiggy Posts: 1289
There's no harm contacting the doc seeing as your next appt is not for 4wks. I happened to have a consultants appt 2 or 3 days after my episode so just mentioned it then but if not I would have been on to my gp.
lough08 Posts: 248
thanks mrspiggy will do :thnk :thnk
amberjack Posts: 1273
Hi all, I suffered from low BP for most of my pregnancy and gave birth to a happy, healthy boy. It got worse around week 32 and i got quite dizzy, nauseous and quite light headed, I even vomitted a few times then (and never suffred from Ms) if you're worried, mention it to your GP/consultant, but it should be fine.