Low lying Placenta.... bleed @ 21 weeks - little worried

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ZZZ79 Posts: 437
Hi All I had a bleed last night at 21 weeks and while it wasnt alot and they scanned me and reassured me that everything with babs was fine im a little worried now about future bleeds which they said may happen! my placenta is to the front but it is slightly low down and some of it is over my cervix. I know chances are that this will resolve itself as my womb grows but meanwhile is there anything i should do or avoid doing in order to stop another bleed???
mrsdg2010 Posts: 100
Hi zzz79, So sorry to hear you had a scare.....i too have a low lying placenta and am 25 1/2weeks gone. Thankfully no bleeds or anything as worrying as that. I was told about the ll placenta at 12week scan and they are going to re-scan me at 32weeks to see if it has moved up. Have researched it a good deal and have had 2 friends with same problem, one had to have a section and the other moved up when the womb grew and changed shape. Fingers crossed for us it will move and allow for a normal delivery. Any of the info I got on the subject, don't think theres much you can do but maybe try to get as much rest as possible as them at least you won't be over-doing it.....hth... *)
carlie2012 Posts: 127
Hi zzz79 My advice is to [b:udnb8lad][b]rest, rest, rest. rest and rest some mor[/b:udnb8lad]e..................[/b] i had a low lying placenta in my last pregnancy basically woke up one morning covered in blood this was at 28 weeks knew noting about it. thought baby gone thankfully was in hospital for 2days got steroids for the baby lungs, now i did have ds 4 weeks later at 32 weeks, the placenta had moved up when i was scanned 2 weeks later and i was able to deliver ds natural. No one can pin point if it was anything to do with placenta, but i was thankful for having had the bleed to get the steroids. I think what i dint do enough now looking back was rest, i took a week off work and thenwent back for 3 days a week for 3 weeks, was working the day before i had ds.... dh was cooking and cleaning after the bleed but i do think in hindsight i should have rested more and maybe ds would gave stayed in longer. Thankfully when he was born he was able to breath on his own and it was really getting him to feed on his own was really the only battle we had, he was in scbu for 3weeks and his a big man now. I was in yesterday getting a scan done and my placenta is neither up nor down so they are going to keep a eye on it so back in 4weeks and also got the steroids yesterday and today to develop the baby lungs just incase. So dont worry has it seems quite common and in most cases the placenta does move back up. just put the feet up as much as you can. Wish you the best luck.... :wv
ZZZ79 Posts: 437
Thanks Ladies.... God Carlie that sounds horrible you must have gotten a terrible fright thank god you had a happy ending tho and your DS is happy and healthy now. I have been taking it really easy since and hopefully it will be fine. Chances are it will move its only slightly low at the moment so i should be out of the woods by my next appointment in May. Meanwhile tho i would like to do some walking or swimming nothing too strenuous but i was very active up to this and am fit and i dont want to lose all my fitness as i think i will need some of it for the birth... i will have to see what my doctor says i suppose MrsDG i hope yours moves up also im sure it will i believe around 80% do so it looks hopefull. There is always something to worry about though isnt there! Thanks again for your advice xxx