Low Lying Placenta

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amberjack Posts: 1273
Hi all, Had my 20 week scan yesterday and babs is doing great, everything growing to plan. Only problem is that my placenta is lying low and if it doesn't move, it'll be a section for me. Just wondering if anyone had experienced this before and if it had moved and if they take me in for a section, how early do they do it? I'm in The Rotunda. cheers Amberjack
Marchbabs Posts: 39
Hi amberjack I too had this at my 20 week scan, was told its nothing to worry about that 95% of the time the placenta is well moved up before birth. So i had a scan yest at 24 weeks + 1 and I was told my placenta had moved up.. Dont be worrying :wv
MeSB Posts: 3785
Happymammy2010 Posts: 837
Hi amberjack, I was told at my anomoly scan that I had low lying placenta - I had a scan then at 34 weeks and it had moved up higher than the head so I can deliver naturally and dont need a section! Try not to worry about it I am sure it will move up. As another poster said it is very common!
amberjack Posts: 1273
Thanks guys, Yep, time will tell a lot. TBH, I'm not too worried, either way, If it is a section, I can be organised and have everything ready, but I've lots of time for things to move and change. Will keep you posted. A
Dill Posts: 1640
hey there i was told this on DS at scan too... only mine didnt move up enough. Great thing was i got lots of scans!! Had a scan at 32 weeks and again at 38 and at 38 they booked me in for a section. was due the 12th and had section on the 2nd. I did have to go in 10 days beforehand as i had a bleed however and they wanted to keep an eye. Everythingwas fine though so dont stress :)
Momof2 Posts: 3884
[quote="WALLE":67fegw8h]Hi Amberjack, I had this too at my 20 week scan. I was scanned again at 34 weeks and it had moved up. It really is very common I realised.[/quote:67fegw8h] +1
carlie2012 Posts: 127
Hi I had a low lying placenta. what happen me was i woke up in the middle of the night cover in blood at 28weeks, thought that was it............. baby gone. Was so thankfully when i got in to the hospital and heard the heartbeat was in hospital for 2 days, got steroid injections just in case!!! (little did i know i would be thankfully in the end), was called back once a week for 2 weeks after the bleed. on the second visit it had started to move back up. ended up on having babs 2 weeks later at 32 weeks. Was thankfully for the steroid injections as he was able to breath on his own also had a natural birth no pain relief....... Now i did ask was it to do with the placenta and they said no. i did have a kidney infection so it could have cause it i will never know it was just one of those things. Thankfully my little man is big and health 18 month old... So dont worry about it, at least you know now that it can go either way and you wont be shocked with a c-section if that is what happens Wishing you the best of luck
amberjack Posts: 1273
Thanks for the reassurance! Carlie that sounds scary, I wouldn't mind going early, but 32 weeks would be way to early for me and very scary no doubt. Anyway, glad your little man is doing well. Amberjack
Peggy Sue Posts: 638
I too have this at my 12 week scan. It is common for it too move hope so fingers crossed. I have scan again at 34 weeks