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doolittle Posts: 910
Hi there I had a sacn on Fri at 14 weeks and they told ne my placenta is covering the top of the womb. 95% of women it gets pushed to one side as the baby grows but 5% it stays where it is and a section is the only option. Im not too worried, the odds are that it will move and once the babs is born healthy I dont care if its a normal birth of section. Ive two questions though, Ive done a search on WOL and a few people were told not to DTD :eek I wasnt told that at my scan so I was wondering what the general advice there is? My 2nd question is : Ive heard of people being in hospital for the last 6 weeks before the birth as they cant risk you going into labour. Im self emplyed with no access to sick leave or maternity benefits. I plan to teach up to 2 weeks befor the birth. Im just wondering is that long stay the norm or special cases? Again Im not worrying about it, but I like to be prepared :o0
Rocket Queen Posts: 7381
Your placenta will grow and move with the baby. I had low lying placenta at 22(ish) weeks and was told that it will more than likely move up. Had another scan about 10wks later and sure enough it moved. I wasn't told to take any precautions either by the gp or the hospital. All that was said was not to panic it'll move! HTH
mrs.smiffy Posts: 1747
had a low lying placenta at 20week scan and it had moved a few weeks later. We never got told that we should not BD and didn't had any problems when we did... :-8
doolittle Posts: 910
Thanks I was thinking that was a bit of scaremongering :o0 Fingers crossed it will move :lvs
Grunge Bride Posts: 2529
I have a low lying placenta as well - was told last week at 20 week scan. Doctor just said they'd keep an eye on it. My friend had the same at that stage but hers had moved up. I wasn't told there was anything I should do to be extra cautious as a result....
chicam Posts: 1169
Hi Doolittle, don't worry there's lots of people who have a low lying placenta. I was told I'd one at my 20 wk scan and until 36 weeks when I had another scan assumed I still did, but it had moved as most do anyway. Unfortunately unless you're having scans all the time to keep an eye on it its hard to know when exactly it's moved and is safe but normally they'll give you a scan around 36wks to see and if it hasn't moved thats when they will talk to you about a c-section etc. About being in hospital for the 6 wks before birth - I believe this is the case if you're experiencing bleeding etc. associated with a low lying placenta (and if this happens late in the pregnancy then it may mean the placenta hasn't moved) so they'd scan and decide if you needed to be hospitalised or induced early. So basically don't worry about it too much, but do take things easy - no lifting, watch for bleeding particularly after sex, no long haul flights etc. And I'm sure like mine yours will move up all by itself!
july7812 Posts: 1787
I grew an extra lobe (pretty unsual) out of my placenta & it was discovered at 28 wks (wasn't there at the 20 wk scan) - my consultant was quite hopeful though that it would also move as the pregnancy progressed. I was told not to be DTD though with DH from 28 wks on. Unfortunatly for me at 35 wks things got a bit complicated & the extra lobe of placenta was covering the cervix so I was booked in for a section there & then - mainly because I had my other 2 DS's early (at 36 wks my waters broke) & they didn't want the risk of this happening again. But I'm sure your's will move up - it does seem to be a common enough thing that seems to sort itself out as the pregnancy progresses & its only in a small number of people that it stays low lying. Best of luck anyway with the rest of your pregnancy.