Low placenta - heavy and a little achy

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Mama2b! Posts: 131
I was told by my doc that i've got a low placenta but since i'm 20 wks it should move up with the baby growing and if it didn't, i'd be monitored closely and they might have to do a c-section when the time comes. So they're keeping a close eye on me which is great. But I am finding some mornings/nights I feel a real heaviness in my lower abdomen and sometimes little achy cramps and stuff. Even turning from side to side in bed is getting uncomfortable and I feel like the muscles are straining..it's really weird but has anybody else felt this?? Thanks again!xxx
SuzyC Posts: 335
I am exactly the same but find once im up and moving around the aches ease off. I had a few nights that I just couldnt sleep with the pain ... it kinda felt like I had done 300 sit ups and had strained all the tummy muscles. Try moving around and see does it help. Im going to have another scan at 34 weeks to see has my placenta moved up.
bumble Posts: 1980
I am the same! I was also told i'll have to be re-scanned at 34wks to see if it's moved up which she said she'd almost guarantee it will move up. I often feel a strong pressure type sensation v low down when i stand up or when i am turing in bed etc.
mrs butterfly Posts: 223
hey girls...im just wondering if i have the same thing....my 20wks scan is next tuesday....i am expecting twins and just assumed that the sensations i am feeling were the babies but i now wonder..... they are exactly how you have described them.....something for me to look out for and ask next week.
Emme Posts: 4735
I felt this as well and had awful lower back pain early on. Doc confirmed a low lying placenta (also had brown discharge but don't know if it was from LLP or polyps which I also have) anyway it moved back up really quickly. Apparently it's very common and nothing to worry about at this stage.
bumble Posts: 1980
Mrs Butterfly they'll check your placenta at your 20wk scan so you'll know then. Best of luck!! Emme that's interesting about the lower back pain - i have had pain in my lower back (tail bone area) since the end of the 1st trimester. Do you think that could be related to the placenta being low posterier?