Lower abdominal Pains - 14 Wks

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beth100 Posts: 183
Hi girls, I think I am overreacting but wanted to see if anyone else had these types of pains - I am almost 14 Wks, and over the past few days I have had pains v low down (almost in my groin) ...I went to the doctor who confirmed everything was ok but to rest and take time off work. Now I am just wondering how much I need to rest and why...I think she thought I was stressed out but now I am just worried about how much work I have to do when I go back...Or maybe she did not want to worry me and did not say that they could be dangerous... Did anyone else have pains like these? Are they something to worry about? Or is this completely normal? Thanks!!!!
Bun in the oven Posts: 169
Hi Beth, I've had pains like this over the weekend and I'm only 10 weeks gone I think it's all stretching and completly normal but some of them were quite strong at times..... I went to my doc 2 weeks ago cause I had a bit of a brownish discharge sorry TMI but anyway he checked me and said to take it easy and take time off if I needed I think it's just a precaution more so then they think you really need to relax cause if your anything like me your prob on the sofa as soon as you get home every evening if I do any less I'll be in a coma :o0 :o0 I'm not a doc obviously but I think if the pains are persistant and you get a bleed with them you need to go back to the doc
beth100 Posts: 183
Thanks a mill Bun in the Oven. Its such a worry really - my doc said that you are never really out of danger - I know its true but its frightening! Debating whether I should take another day off as am sure my doc just thought I was stressed out (which I amn't actually)...I know this sounds strange but I have so much to do at work and it will just build up when I am gone! Did you take time off in the end?