Lower back pain in late pregnancy

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popplewell Posts: 110
Have had a very tense achy lower back for the past couple of days and am hoping its a sign of labour starting. (probably wishful thinking). Was with consultant last thursday and he said head is down and i'm ready to go "any day", and he wasn't expecting to see me at next thursdays appointment. :o)ll :o)ll Anyone else experience the back pain as a labour sign? Or am i totally clutching at straws here.... :o0 :o0
Martiespride Posts: 997
how are you today? if you still have lower back pain, i find a bath with a few handfulls of epsom salts in the water really helps. i also put in a little bit of lavender into it too. i hope you go soon, :wv
Toni Baloney Posts: 544
Hiya, From what I've been reading, contractions can be felt in the abdomen or the lower back. Fingers crossed!
popplewell Posts: 110
Thanks for the replies. O-O Martiespride - I see you are due a few days before me. Are you getting as desperate as me? I am looking out at the beautiful sunshine but have zero energy to get up and out to enjoy it. Lets hope this weather keeps up once LO's arrive. The back pain has eased off and am now feeling no discomfort or pains anywhere :o( :o( . What about you?
eadaoinfar2 Posts: 19
it is suppose to be a sign labour is coming. anyway good luck to you
wedjul05 Posts: 5673
Yep, yep, yep. Surprised you haven't gone yet, or maybe you have :o0 All I had before and during labour was lower back pain, nothing else. DH rubbed my back so much, it and his hand were numb! My back pain started at 4am, within 2 hrs I couldn't sit down at all, had to keep walking. Good luck, esp if you are already in the hosp, but then again you won't be reading this!!
popplewell Posts: 110
still here wedjul05 :o0 :wv Back pain is more or less gone, certainly hasn't gotten any worse anyway :o( :o( . Am so fed up. Maybe if I start pimping labour signs they'll happen....
neddie Posts: 580
Hi girls - I'm due next week also and have been having niggly lower back pain on and off for ages now. It's stronger when it coincides with a BH. Unlike you Popplewell, I'm hoping I don't go early as we're still in the throes of house renovations and not due to move back in until next week! Here's hoping we both get our wishes. :wv