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gimbo Posts: 12
Hi guys, I have joined weight watchers at the start of January. I'm doing well, but find that most of my points are spent on lunch. My job is very busy, always going.. i end up eating out, meeting clients each day. Its hard to eat out and keep an eye on your points. I asked the leader and she gave me an eating out guide. but i find it very hard to follow as all of the places in the book are either from restaurants or pubs, they dont go into cafes or deli bars. can anyone help me, or let me know what ye all have for lunch. thanks O:|
Missus Lippy Posts: 5879
You could have soup as long as it's not creamy or just a normal sandwich, if you skipped mayo or butter and had lettuce, tomato, cucumber and chicken that would still be quite low. I find bananas good too, I sometimes have one between brekkie and lunch or lunch and dinner if I got peckish.
charlotteyork Posts: 1275
Hi Gimbo, I agree with what Lippy said - its easier to keep it simple when you start with ww. If you're eating out you could try and base your lunch around point free salad and veg. For instance you could have lettuce leaves, peppers, tomotoes, red onion/ white onion, cucumber for 0 points, and then add either some chicken or tuna for 2 points. I love veg, so I just have those in a wrap with a bit of salsa when I have to get lunch out. HTH. :wv
gimbo Posts: 12
thanks girls that really helps, i do try to choose them options u mentions, its hard to have a wrap and slad without mayo. so good tip about the salsa. regards xx
mad woman Posts: 22106
try switching to the core and and ask for your food cooked "plain", tell the waiter you're allergic to nuts butter and oil..