Luttrellstown Castle

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scarke Posts: 2
Thinking of going to look at Luttrellstown Castle with my daughter but I notice that re the Castle prices, they charge an 'exclusive' charge of 6,540 for both a Friday and a Saturday…this is on top of menus that are priced from 120 per person. Does any know if the charge is per night ? Usually you would book the friday and the saturday so does that mean its 13,000 to have the castle to yourself ? Anyone know what the reviews are like for it ? If you book the Castle and don't pay for exclusive rights how busy would it be ? Thanks !
username Posts: 6
We viewed Luttrelstown - its beautiful and the girls we dealt with are just so lovely! The exclusivity charge is per night so you would be looking at 13000 for the 2 nights on top of your 120 per head. We were only looking at it for 1 night but it was still just too far out of our price range. The castle is only available for exclusive hire so you couldn't have your wedding here without paying the fee. Best of luck!
Mrs-C-to-be Posts: 71
Wow! That's crazy that they're charging that :eek I guess it's worth having a look but there's got to be other places that aren't so steep
scarke Posts: 2
It seems crazy…just wondering if you could have your wedding there and not pay the exclusive charge and maybe the hotel/castle would not be busy anyway so would it be that hard to organize ? I mean the only people in the room are those at the wedding ? I mean in the winter how busy could it be ? I presume they only do one wedding a day as well.
username Posts: 6
You can only get married in the castle if you rent it out in full. It's not a hotel and only operates as an exclusive venue for hire so is only open (to guests - not to the public) on days that it is exclusively hired - hence the extra fee. A lot of exclusive venues have a fee (price range varies vastly) so this is not uncommon. Hope this helps!