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alsgal Posts: 64
just wondering has anyone ever got their oh a days driving experience in a porsche, ferrari, aston martin etc etc got an email from advertising these car days. just wondering are they worth the money?
monkeybear Posts: 1926
I got my H2B an aerobatic flight, which he hasnt done yet but was so delighted with it when i gave it to him so not much help to you but i bet your oh will love it
burgundy4me Posts: 154
Yeah I got his a days Rally driving. He loved it but he went with a friend. Said he wouldn't have enjoyed it as much on his own. There was a great bit of competition between them. Such Children !! :o0
alsgal Posts: 64
hi all thanks for your replies.. got my answer over the weekend, watching top gear he says he'd love to drive an aston martin ah well at least its one pressie sorted for xmas :o)ll