Lyrath - numbers for canapes/afters food

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Kkilkenny Posts: 208
Hi there, Went to see lyrath, only having a small wedding of 50. They quoted us for 35 people for the drinks reception food and afters food. Any other hotels would have only quoted us half ie 25. Whats the normal amount as I dont know if we need canapes/afters for 35 people like lyrath said, or only 25 like the rest said. Id be worried that if I told them I wanted to only order them for 25 people that there might not be enough, but I dont want to be ripped off either as they are not the cheapest option.
SaraD08 Posts: 1795
hotels always quote for 50% or less of the guests... Killashee did the same when i got married... however we had a wedding of 80 people.... got afters / canapes for 65... and there was lots of food... guests were delighted... personaly i feel people will alwasy eat the food in the evening so its worth having enough.. the weddings ive been to where they have had afters food there is never enough and people end of starving... so for the sake of an extra 10 portions i would go with iit :thnk
nelswife Posts: 3869
Yeah i would deffo go for more, i would rather have to much then to little!!
lux Posts: 6270
We did canapes and afters food for all our guests as we were doing a free bar and wanted to provide plenty of soakage. For the extra €200 (they wanted to provide it for 75% so it was an extra) it cost us it was well worth, there was none left over and everyone seemed to be tucking in.
Tragen Posts: 370
Our hotel have recommended 75% of the final number To be honest I would rather that there was food left over than too little. HTHs!
Nobigdress Posts: 452
Right, this kinda annoys me. The hotel quotes for example €10pp for afters food but then only gives you food for 50% of the people so it should only be €10 x 50% of the people! But for some reason the hotels seem to insist on charging you for all people and only delivering food for half...we should all be compaining about that!!! Or am I wrong? Has anyone only been charged for the amount of people they supply for? Really interested to know.
Kkilkenny Posts: 208
I was just wondering that also. If its a package or whatever that includes canapes and afters food eg 60 pp are the canapes included enough for all guests or are they just including enough for half of them. I would have been of similar opinion that should have them for at least 75% - 100% of the guests, but so many hotels started quoting for half I just thought that was the normal. Great to hear from others as I havent been to weddings in years!
lux Posts: 6270
We paid for the full number of guests for evening food and canapes. It wasn't a huge amount and I know lots of couples manage to bargain in this area.