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iceblue Posts: 5
I am considering Lyrath Estate and The Heritage (Killenard) as wedding venues and am finding it very hard to choose!! [b:1dhqomih]Lyrath[/b:1dhqomih] I have concerns about the function room in Lyrath. We will have about 200 people and they recommend having a double sized room. Would this be too big? Also the bar is located outside the room. Has this affected the atmosphere at weddings? Does the crowd tend to split or end up out at the bar?? [b:1dhqomih]Lyrath & Heritage[/b:1dhqomih] So far we have only been given the hotel tour and their standard brochures/prices. What is your experience of negotiating with both hotels? Are there certain items they will move easily on or items they won't budge on?? All comments, good and bad, on both places would be appreciated....especially from guests as they tend to be a little more objective on the day!! Thanks in advance!
mrsb09 Posts: 1292
i live in killenard and have been to wedding there, no complaints,i have heard good and bad about weddings there but i would pick it no probs, however i would make sure when your arriving to the hotel after church and you were off getting photos,get on your family and tell them your on way. as the last wedding i was at everyone was in the local pub and when poor bride and groom there was only about 15 people to greet them. lyrath i have only stayed in never attended a wedding i thought it was fab, lovely walks and the spa are amzing. its a little more exclusive as in the big drive up and lots of land around it as supposed to the heritage is just in the middle of houses...
workingmom Posts: 3429
Checked out Lyrath as possible venue for our wedding, wasn't impressed at all. Was there at a concert one night, and a guy asked for a hot whiskey and the barman asked him if he looked like he had time to make him a hot whiskey.... 5* service?