M&P PILKO 3in1

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Totalouise Posts: 14
Hi all, did anyone get the M&P Pilko 3in1, was looking at it the other day, pricey but is it worth it? Oen to suggestions from all of you who are far more knowledgable!!!!
Florrie06 Posts: 316
I have the Pliko combination (which I think is the same thing) and I love it. In the beginning I used the carrycot at home for naps downstairs and found it really handy. Switched over to the buggy part @ 4/5 months and I have never had any problems with it. It has also been on a couple of flights and I found it really easy to bring through the airport. Has a decent size basket on it too which is useful. The car seat can be a bit bulky in a smaller car but overall I have been very happy with it. On the price issue, you can save yourself a good bit on it by buying the Peg Perego version (who manufacture the Mamas & Papas ones). We got ours on this website. Even with the delivery costs it still works out a good bit cheaper. I have bought other stuff from them too and have never had any problem with delivery.
Totalouise Posts: 14
Thanks for that great info Florrie! Can I ask were you able to bring the buggy with the carry cot onto the plane? Like the Pilko can the baby sleep overnight in the carrycot?
Florrie06 Posts: 316
You could use the Carrycot for overnight sleeping, just get a moses basket mattress for it to make it more comfy. When we went on the flight with it, we had already started using it in buggy mode so can't answer that question! Most airlines state the buggy must be fully collapsible to bring it on board so don't think you could. You would have to check the carrycot on as seperate luggage I would imagine.
NewMom1 Posts: 1252
totalouise, M&P have a sale beginning tomorrow and the 3 in 1 is included, i think all in everything is about 630euro, including isofix base. Better than the original price...