M&P's Garda Nursery Range

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fissy Posts: 106
Hi everyone, I am looking to get a white and walnut nursery range.The only one I can find is the M&P Garda range that is available in Argos. I have checked the shop in Dundrum for Display model just see quality etc. Here is link to it on Argos: http://www.argos.ie/static/Product/part ... 417585.htm Does anyone have this range or seen it and is it good quality. Any feedback would be great or recommendations of other sites that do white and walnut nursery furniture. take care x
MrsVanDeKamp Posts: 628
[url:4aqbqfrn]http://www.izziwotnot.com/Category/109-latitude.aspx[/url:4aqbqfrn] Check out this range from Izzi Wotnot [img:4aqbqfrn]http://www.izziwotnot.com/images/thumbs/0000328_735.jpg[/img:4aqbqfrn]