Mad dream about my Wedding last night!!!!

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BusyDee Posts: 8527
:o0 :o0 I had such a mad dream about my wedding day last night :o0 I can't stop laughing about it to myself!!! I don't even have anything booked yet!! I dreamt I was getting ready, had my dress on which was ugly btw and it was almost 1 o'clock and we were getting ready to leave for the church (me on time - never!) and I realised I didnt have my hair or makeup done!! I had forgotten to book the beautician so I went across the road (?) to the Hairdressers/beauticians and the girl said "that will be €1000 for your makeup as your a bride!! So after alot of arguing I had no choice got makeup & hair done - my hair was all up and by the time I got to the church it had fallen down! When I got there everyone was outside including my H2B who was smoking (doesnt smoke!) so he seen me in my dress & then we all decided to go into the pub beside the church (not getting married in a church either!) and had a session before we went back in to get married. My bridesmaids were wearing torquise jumpsuits! There were loads of Kids running around the place screaming!!! (not having kids at wedding either) Actually it was probably more of a nightmare! Then in the break (?) I decided to go for a drive with my friend on the bus which got stuck down the road and I had to walk/run back in my high heels which were surprisingly comfortable! Then the road got smaller & smaller till I was barely able to squeeze through and there was thorns ripping my dress.... then i woke up. Phew!! :o0 I always have the maddest dreams and can remember them in great detail. Does this happen to anyone else? I think I've been reading too many stories on here tbh!!!!
HoneyBunz Posts: 197
I have had similar dreams a few times too, mental dreams are the norm for me! It's the same type of thing. It's about an hour before the wedding, I've a manky dress which is too short and awful black sandles, no veil, no make up, no tan, no hair done. In another I had no dress and had 45mins to go find one and again no hair or make up done :eek :eek :eek You just have to laugh about them. My wedding is a year away and I can't even imagine how many more I'll have especially in the last few months I think most people have nightmares about their wedding, suppose it just means that it's really really important to you and thats why you're worrying
xlexi Posts: 595
:D:D:D:D Thats so funny, I haven't had one to that extent I did have a dream last night that it was the night before the wedding and the planner rang me to tell me there was no wine glasses for the reception szo I was running around like a mad women trying to get wine glass in the middle of the night :D My friend is getting married in October and shes been having loads of mad dreams
jimmyA Posts: 131
I had a dream over the weekend that I forgot to get the suits and the morning of the wedding I am trying to run around and get some sort of get up together, my mum (who is no longer with us) is there telling me to calm down and just wear what I have on... which is pajamas... but its all in my home place about 30 years ago, the house, my parents and me.... very strange
BusyDee Posts: 8527
:o0 It must stem from the fact that everyone will wonder if they have done everything they needed to do on the morning of the wedding. My dream really freaked me out as it was so detailed and I can remember every bit of it - also forgot to add that at the begining when you lite the separate candles we lit the other one that your meant to light after your married! And I remember looking down at my shoes when I was running and they were pink slingbacks! :o0 I've had similar dreams before I was bridesmaid twice before, time to go to the church & I'm not ready - no hair, makeup, fake tan done!
sweet cheeks Posts: 1119
Yeah we all had them. There horrible. Its cause were excited, nervous and always thinking, talking about our weddings that as a result were dreaming about something going wrong. I had that one of hair and make-up not been done, it was horrible. I was going round like a lunatic in the dream. Then i woke sweating and had to wake h2b he jumped up thinking the hosue was been robbed :o0
early days Posts: 691
:o0 :o0 Glad to hear others are having these crazy dreams. Soon after we got engaged I had a dream that I was going for a fitting for my dress. My mum was with me but [u:2o1709ha]she [/u:2o1709ha]was wearing the dress down the street. It had like an 80ft train on it and everyone else on the street was trampling all over it, and for some reason I wasnt able to stop it happening. Woke up thinking 'oh my god, this means my mum is going to totally take over the wedding and I'll be powerless to stop her'. Told her about the dream and in fairness she's not interfering at all....just the old 'I'm not telling you what you should do BUT......!'