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Ali2010 Posts: 347
Ok the title may be a bit misleading, it wasn't too mad, but I was on the train home from work this evening, window seat, minding my own business, and the next thing there's a huge bang - someone threw a rock at the train and it smashed the window beside me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank god for double glazing, it was just the outside pane that smashed, so no one was hurt or anything, but I thought it was a) mad that someone had that good an aim that they got a window of a moving train and b) that the other passengers weren't surprised! The ones sitting around me, were like, hmm a rock again was it.... MAD!!! Had to treat myself to a takeaway on the way home to get over it!
gottabfp Posts: 5641
this happened me before! it is mad and very comman. very frightening
MayBee Posts: 346
what a shock, i would have screamed the place down to be fair :o)ll
Ali2010 Posts: 347
Yeah I was the only one that seemed a bit put out! I was dying to call my h2b but couldn't cos i was trying to be as cool as the rest! Wannabfp - i was on a train from heuston - is that where it happened to you?
Terri1 Posts: 1158
god that is so scary. i have to admit every time i go under a bridge on the motorway and i see someone just lying on the railings i get so freaked out that they'll throw something down on my car.