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honeybunch Posts: 1218
Hi girls, Just for anyone that has a Maggie Sottero dress-did you get a cert from them to say it was genuine etc? I just paid for mine in full and asked about the cert as saw this on their website but the girl in the shop never heard of it! I'll try to post from the website here too. Any info is appreciated girls. How do I confirm that a store is an authorized Maggie Sottero retailer? You can verify a retailer as being authorized by finding them on our online store locator. Also, please look for our “Authorized Maggie Sottero Retailer” seal in the retailer's shop window. In addition to the aforementioned steps, your retailer should provide you with a “Maggie Sottero Certificate of Authenticity”. This is a beautiful certificate including an embossed seal, an original serial number, and a place for the bride's name and the name of the authorized store where the gown was purchased.
honeybunch Posts: 1218
Just bumping this up for the evening
missc Posts: 875
I ordered my Maggie dress from in New York and yes i did get the embossed certificate with it. Dont know why the shop wouldnt of heard of it, sounds a bit straight, maybe she was only a new girl or something?
honeybunch Posts: 1218
No, I don't think she was new, she knew what she was talking about otherwise. She said that maybe it was an American thing? Anyone get one over here-am seriously worrying now :o(
missc Posts: 875
Awh i wouldnt worry about it. What shop was it? Maybe it is just an american thing, as i said mine came from New York. When i ordered mine i said to myself, i dont care if it is a fake, once it looks exactly like its supposed to. Who cares about getting a cert!
honeybunch Posts: 1218
Oh I know that its not important if its a fake or not-I still love it! It's just that at E2000, I hope its the real deal! It was from the Moderne in Cork, they are listed as retailers on the Maggie site.
W Posts: 92
yummymumm Posts: 824
I have ASTA, and didn't get a cert. Got it in Aibheal in Limerick
graceface Posts: 3632
It sounds to me, at least, as if the certificate thing is more something to put people's minds at rest when ordering over the internet? It is much more difficult to verify whether a shop is an authorised dealer over the net, and seeing as the Maggie Sottero website itself advises brides NOT to buy their dresses online (advice I WON'T be following!), online stores need to work extra hard to convince brides tehy are the real deal, and I suspect that certificates are one way of doing this, and satisfying customers that they have, as you say, "the real deal". If the Moderne is listed as an official retailer on the maggie website, I wouldn't worry about it - they're obviously legit.
honeybunch Posts: 1218
For anyone thats interested. I e-mailed Maggie and asked about the Certs. It's mostly an American thing BUT if I'd like one just request one from the store that the dress was purchased from so did that! It should arrive any day. I know its probably not a big deal, but if it's meant to come certified, then I want that cert! Another keepsake if nothing else.