maggie sottero?

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jaykay Posts: 452
hi just wondering does anyone know the price range of theses dresses? just saw post on feedback forum about one of her dresses "elenor" thought it was really nice, i am having a lot of trouble finding a dress, and feel quite down about it 2day! 1 of my b/maides went out dress shopping with her other friend who is also getting married nxt yr,and i advised 1 shop,and she got it 2day,2nd shop she has been 2,ive been 2 7! whats wrong with me??????????? O:|
jaykay Posts: 452
someone please??????????????????????
ddesmond Posts: 457
i got a maggie dress - they stock them in Alexander bridal in dublin...i ended up going up north for mine as they didn't have it. if you go onto her website it'll give you stockist...where are you based??
Bejewelled Wife Posts: 2190
I found my dress in the 8th shop. Don't worry. I only tried on Maggie dress (Michelle I think it's name was) and that was 1500. Gook luck with the dress hunting.
stephyb Posts: 1439
Jean miller also sell them but it's in Belfast
jaykay Posts: 452
hi tanx for replys,im based in dublin,dont mind travelling,but i wouldnt b surprised if i travelled and still wasnt sure! thats gud 2 kn u found ur dress in 8th shop! what dress did u get in the end? did u have an idea of what u wanted,i think thats my main problem,i never really knew what style,im a liitle better!...i hope
shaundow Posts: 269
HI I got my dress in the last shop I tried. It is maggie sottero dress and this is the link [url:jfioyi2t][/url:jfioyi2t] I got it in Kilkenny and I hadn't even picked it out of the shop the woman in the shop asked me if I would mind if she got me to try on a dress, I agreed and I fell in love with it. I was and am thrilled. Dont worry you'll def find your dress :wv
jaykay Posts: 452
tanx again...i"ll live in hope,booked into town bride in powerscourt this friday,i had said that was it,but ill have to book into alexandra aswell,i havnt tryed on any maggie dresses.......
tilsun Posts: 4506
They're a gorgeous dress. As already said they have them in Alexanders and you don't need an appointment. Don't be worrying that you haven't found it yet, you'll get there. It took me a while too. One thing that helped me was getting a bit glammed up before i tried on so I could picture myself on the Big Day. Maybe take a little break from it all and then go back to it with a fresh eye.
itwillbeme Posts: 838
I got my maggie dress in Modern fashions - Dundalk - Shop is quite deceiving, quite oldfashioned looking - but fabulous service. I believe since i got married they have done up the bridal section. Well worth a trip - straight up the motorway. HTH