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September 2005 Posts: 377
Any body know who in Ireland preferably the South stocks Maggie Dresses?
Platinum Bride Posts: 163
Hi ya... Only ones i know of is the Wedding dress in penrose warf in cork and aibheil in limerick.... other then that there is a few places in Dublin - If you go onto the maggie website you will see all the stockists there... What kind of dress were you looking at ? These shops only stock a few of the designs... Happy Hunting !!!
September 2005 Posts: 377
I am looking for the Philadelphia dress!!
MrsNoc05 Posts: 1823
Hi September - well firstly I know that Alexanders in Parnell Street Dublin Stock Maggie Dresses but what exactly style I dont know - HTH
Platinum Bride Posts: 163
If you call the shops they will tell you if they have it in stock save you traveling - I havent seen that one in my travels yet !!! Its really nice...
tyrone Posts: 21
Hi, I bought mine in McElhinneys of Ballybofey, well worth a trip if they have your dress. Mine was 300 Euros cheaper for the exact same dress in Alexanders !
Bookworm Posts: 156
Just want to second tyrone. Mine was 300 cheaper in McElhinnys than Penrose Wharf, service was superb and the delivery much quicker. I also know that McElhinnys have helped out brides who have been let down by other suppliers so they are well worth the visit.
Platinum Bride Posts: 163
My advise if your getting a maggie dress is to choose one here and try it on and make sure you like it - then order it off the web - gowsales or bestbridalprices or somewhere... you will save a fortune..
September 2005 Posts: 377
I have an appointment in Penrose Wharf on Saturday to try some on. Not the Philadelphia though as they said this dress was recalled. :cry: What kind of price range are we talking here cause i don't want to try one on and love it and freak out about the money. I would like to be prepared. :ooh
Platinum Bride Posts: 163
Depends on the dress that you pick out - they are over 1000 anyway i think but try them an and you will get them cheaper online afterwards. Get a dressmaker to alter it for you - thats all the shop will do anyway - you have to pay for your own alterations anyway - Cut out the middle man and youll save a bomb !