Maintaining your health?

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Girl From Mars Posts: 1446
Hi all, I'm just wondering what everybody does to maintain their health? I don't mean like exercise but what do you do to avoid sickness? I always seem to get colds and chest infections at this time of year and I'd love to prevent them. Anyone have any great immune building methods?
katief Posts: 1900
It is your diet and exercise though. And other factors..outlook on life, mental health,
Girl From Mars Posts: 1446
But what exactly in a diet is good for preventing sickness? I mean, I eat my veggies, I take in vit c and a few supplements too but I always seem to get sick around sept/oct.
OrTees Posts: 907
There are two things that I swear by for preventing colds and infections- a really high dose of Vit C daily- 2000-3000mg - and gargling with listerine twice a day (the majority for me always start with a sore throat). I used to get loads of colds & infections and since I've been doing that my incidents of those has dropped way down over the last few years.
Girl From Mars Posts: 1446
Thanks OrTees, must have a go at gargling. I use listerine (or as I call it, FireWater!) daily anyway so it's worth a go :)
katief Posts: 1900
Are you stressed? That cliche does ring true. My boss was putting me under severe pressure one evening to get everything done by 5. she knew I had to leave to catch a flight. I had palpitations trying to make it, and when I finally got in my car, I noticed I broke out in a blistering cold-sore and a sty on my eye. Do you get stressed now and then?
ciaraella Posts: 5323
For me the best way to fight colds is when you first start to feel it coming on take to your bed, wrap up warm, as much sleep as you can, loads of fluids and lots of vitamin c, hot lemon and honey etc. I used to think that bed and wrapping up for colds was a bit of an old wives tale but it works for me, doesn't always stop the cold but i'd get a sniffle rather than a full on head cold.
Girl From Mars Posts: 1446
Katief - I would get the odd bit of stress but nothing major since I learned to manage it and I don't usually get sick in conjunction with any stress, although it is worth keeping an eye on definitely. Ciaraella - Unfortunately if I feel it coming on I can't stop it. I usually load up on echinacea and lemsip at the first signs of anything but it never seems to stop it or lessen the impact for me.
penny0904 Posts: 14
soak feet in hot water before go to bed, this is a good habit to keep health
katief Posts: 1900
Ugh, colds are awful. I can cope in an upright position, but at night its a killer. If you lie on one side youre blocked, if you change sides the congestion switches nostrils. If you lie on your back, both are blocked. so youre f"cked either way eh?