Major breakout 3 days before hens !!!!

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Angel! Posts: 1494
:o( Aaaaagggghhhhh Hens is this weekend and I can join the dots on my face, i have that many spots. I usually get about one spot a month on my face. Haven't had more than one since I was 19 !!!! If I am breaking out with the stress of the hens, what's going to happen to me the week of the wedding ?????
Woodstock Posts: 1565
oh no bokkie, don't worry! when is your hen? today is wednesday, sure they'll go away before the weekend, wont they? There was a post here yesterday on how to get rid of spots and every girl posted an advice (i posted about vitamin E, rub oil onto skin).. I'd say take a drive down to a pharmacy and see what they have... Best of luck and let us know what works!! I'm the same, anytime something big happens i wake up with a spot (big one on my forehead the day of my graduation ceremony :o( it's just the stress, nothing more)
niadan Posts: 259
I have my hens at the weekend too and I have two huge carbuncles on my face like a teenager. Fabulous. Don't be too worried. I'm putting it down to stress
lucia_moreo Posts: 3
Mmmmm.... What about trying a good detox kit from your local health store & drink a minimum of on litre of water every day... Detoxing will bring out toxins & cause spots initially... Might be good to try a few weeks in advance... I've just started using the BioFirm kit today but it will be a few days before I get results.