Make-up Artist in Kildare/Leinster area??

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SenoritaH Posts: 167
Hiya's I am looking for an affordable Make-up Artist in the Kildare or Leinster area.... I have emailed a few but none have come back to me! >:o( Does anyone know of any or have had their's done already that they would totally reccommend? O-O PS: What is the norm you pay... Is it like 50 per face! :o0 Thanks in advance girls :thnk
Mamaboom Posts: 2094
Highly recommend Mary Behan, she is in Co Carlow but travels. She is also cheaper than 50 a face and make up stays on all night! Her number is 087 9834962
purebliss Posts: 93
Hi, You should get in touch with they can send you out Hairstylists or Makeup artists or both and are getting great reviews. Best of luck Hugh
energisedbride Posts: 172
hi, sarah naylor in the suppliers / vendors is the cheapest i found and iv seen her work! shes fab!! and a really nice person!