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mrs.bride Posts: 157
Hi Girls, Just wanted to let you know I got my make-up done in Make Up forever on Saturday for my Christmas party. I have booked them straight away for my wedding, they were absolutely brilliant. The girl that I got was Jennifer and she did a great job! I looked like a totally different person. You should definately check them out. They're on Clarendon Street and have lots of hairdressers around that area too, so thats handy!!!! :D
HollyB Posts: 111
I got my trial done with Marie Joseph and she used make up forever, it is excellent and is very natural. :D
Bridedsm Posts: 1
Hi, Couldn't agree more, I use make up forever all the time and find it fantastic and it stays on all day. D
italywed Posts: 2
Yeah, they're great. I'm doing my own make up as getting married in Italy and I went to them for a make-up lesson. They do one side of your face and you do the other. Would def. recommend for anyone thinking of going it alone on the day
Mrs Roma 365 Posts: 212
Word of warning though - very important to get a trial done! My sister went for a trial there before her wedding and the make up quite literally slid off her face by the time we got to Liffey Valley a couple of hours later. I had never seen make up disintegrate like it!! Saying that though, she went back for another trial which was much more successful and they did a great job on the day for her.
sheena Posts: 1
where are you all buying the Make-Up Forever line? hands down, it's my favorite brand, but i bought all of my products from their store in New York. anywhere i can buy it on-line, or better yet, in cork city?