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cody Posts: 53
Hi all, I know this topic has probably been done to death but I am getting married in italy in the next few weeks, have decided to do my own make up and I am looking for advice on what to use. Only have time for a few trials so any suggestions or tips would really be appreciated!!!!! Thanks :wv
mathair01 Posts: 105
Did you think of going into brown thomas or debenhams where they can do the make up for you & give you advice on what to use & how to apply it??
Redpunto Posts: 224
Have always heard great things about the Mac girls - book yourself in and you can redeem the price of the makeup trial against the products.
makeupaddict Posts: 592
Your best bet would be to ring a debenhams, brown thomas or your nearest department store. Get put through to the cosmetic floor & ask to speak to one of the make up artists on the floor that specialises in bridal make up & book your appointment with them. I freelance but also work in a dept store. There are about 4 of us out of 50 in my store that specialize in bridal and most stores are like that. Theres no point booking in for an appointment with a counter and the girl that is advising you has never done bridal before because it is a different kettle of fish altogether. Hope i made sense! If you have any questions, feel free to pm me
Asics Posts: 1935
I got the MAC makeup yesterday :o)ll :o)ll had a trial aswell with 2 sisters it was great really looked natural, not umpalumpa looking at all. Lasted the whole day aswell id definatly recommend them. I had the trial in Brown Thomas in grafton st. they have a big section in the corner & its great there cause they have natural light from the windows. There is one in Dundrum aswell but ive never been in it & I don't think they would have natural light as most shopping centres don't have any windows. Best of look whatever you decide :wv (nearly forgot you have to book in for the trial & pay a €25 deposit which you get back off any makeup you buy)
exhasted Posts: 335
where abouts are you? i know a brilliant makeup artist that will give you a masterclass in doing it yourself!! shes fantastic! Rachelle guiry from limerick, she travels the country and is even going to italy to do a bride in september!! you should look her up x
MoreThanMakeup Posts: 516
Hi Cody, I find MAC Face and Body Paint foundation is the best for weddings in warm climates. It's water based so tends not to 'melt' in the heat. It's light too so it doesn't feel sticky. The primer and the brush you use to apply it are important and you will need some powder too. If you are going to go to BT's ask them about it - they'll talk you through everything. When you are booking the make-over ask for someone who is good at bridal. They are usually booked up for a few weeks. If you decide not to go for the make-over but would like recommendations for colours etc pm me and I'll suggest a few things :wv HTH Breda 'More Than Make-up'
cody Posts: 53
Hi all, Thank you so much for all your advice. Sounds like mac might be the way to go. Has anyone ever heard off or used the bare mineral products, was going to book a trial with them too. Dream come true, I have pm'd you, hope you dont mind!
MoreThanMakeup Posts: 516
I haven't used Bare Minerals but Mac have mineral products that I use too and I find them brilliant too (I know - is there nothing in this world except MAC?????). Get the trial anyway in Bare Minerals - they are popular too and there is a bit of a knack in applying the powder formulas :wv You'll find most of us on the suppliers page will do lesson but you can't beat the department store counters for value for money - you actually get products to take away so basically you trial is free........ So exciting for you - enjoy shopping around :wv Breda 'More Than Make-up'
cody Posts: 53
Thanks for all your help!! :wv