Make up to cover red mark?

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babydays Posts: 708
Hope someone can help with this! My Mam is on some pretty serious medication and it has caused some dark red, almost purple, marks on her legs. She was told it might happen and they are getting bigger. She's really upset by them. Her skirt is mid length so you wont see much of the marks. Do you know of make up I could use to cover them? Really want her to feel amazing on the day. Thanks!
MoreThanMakeup Posts: 516
Hi Quirkyb, Make-up Forever on Clarendon St. do a range called Derma Colour and you should be able to get a shade to match her skin tone. If it's really bad she might want to get a colour corrector under a flesh toned foundation, The range is by Kryolan - it was originally developed as stage make-up and is really good. If you could get her to go into Make-up Forever with you they should be able to match it perfectly or I have. Sending you a pm :wv Breda 'More Than Make-up'
babydays Posts: 708
Thanks Breda, once again you have saved the day! Thanks for your help. :thnk I've sent you a pm
LittleFoot Posts: 480
You could try this too. :wv