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Toriamos Posts: 25
Hello I had my make up trial at the weekend and it was terrible - MAC - totally caked on and I asked for natural - is this normal? there were four layers of foundation she told me - I just want some coverage and to even out my skin tone - I really hated it and so did most people who saw me that evening! Is this normal?
Mrs Malefesense Posts: 1440
It would appear with MAC that it depends on who you get to do your makeup. I had a makeover with a lady called Sam (who's not available the day of my wedding :o( ) and she did a great job. Some of them are a bit OTT.
Loreve Posts: 501
This was your trial? I take it you aren't going to go with them now if it was that bad. I used to work in MAC (many moons ago) and to be honest 4 layers of foundation is unbelievable!!!( Never have gotten away with that in my day). Less is more with foundation, especially on your wedding day. She should have used a foundation as your base, maybe then concealer (if you need it) and a light powder to set it all (depending on your skin type) And that's it. Is it too late for you to try to try another makeup artist? That's what trials are for - sussing them out and if you don't like what they did (and they didn't listen to what you wanted) then I'd go elsewhere. I would recommend . An (ex Mac) person but absolutely fab and she'll doing my make up on the day.