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diamonds1 Posts: 17
Hi girls been reading WOL for ages but this is first post :wv Got my makeup trial over the weekend and I'm now just not sure whether to get my make up done professionally at all. She did a good job and the end result was nice but I just felt 'not like myself' with the make up for the rest of the day. I tend to wear minimal enough makeup during the day (bit of concealer, blusher, bronzer, mascara), and then just more eye make up for nights out. I was at a wedding later that day and I think I look at bit odd in the photos, my face seemed different. I suppose my question is would people definitely recommend getting make up done professionally so that it lasts all day etc or if you are happy with how your own make up is in general just stick with that so you dont end up looking 'different' on the big day. I'm more than happy to pay for professional makeup but not if I feel 'different' (in a bad way) - thanks for reading, i know its a bit long winded :wv
Nolongerwollie Posts: 2181
Maybe try a different make-up artist - a good one will listen to you & do what [b:myx9yczd]you[/b:myx9yczd] want! I used Aisling Eyre & found her brilliant.
MammyC Posts: 3621
Im thinking the same myself, Im really torn about doing it myself or getting it done for me. I might try a few times myself and see how it turns out, take photos ect and then try a trial and see which is best. Plus if I do it myself I get to buy all the lovely new make up. Any excuse! :o0
diamonds1 Posts: 17
Thanks Lady Godiva I've just emailed her there to see if she's available on my date so will get a trial with her if she is and see how it goes. lizcyr- if I feel the same way after a second trial I think I am going to just do the best I can with the make up myself. As you say would be great to have a load of new make upf, and by saving €350 on not getting a make up trial thats a good bit of make up to buy! I just dont like the idea of looking too different on the big day, obviously I want to look amazing!!! :o0 but want that look to come from looking really healthy, happy, fab dress, jewellry, hair etc rather than different make up to what i normally wear (but also want my make up to last etc, aggh I just cant decide) :o0
wollie Posts: 86
You could book a makeup lesson with a makeup artist & get them to show you exactly how you want it & teach you a few tricks. Then try it yourself, see how it goes then maybe book another one for follow up coming up to the day?