Makeup locally in Cork or pay travel expenses from Dublin?

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FazzyK Posts: 3
Hi there! Hoping you can help me. I'm not from fiance is, and we're getting married in Cork next year. So any help you can give me would be REALLY appreciated! It's hard planning a wedding from overseas! I'm trying to decide between makeup artists who are still available on my day: - Zoe Clark - [b:385kjnlj][color=#FF0000:385kjnlj]Dublin[/color:385kjnlj][/b:385kjnlj] - Shirley from Pout - [b:385kjnlj][color=#000080:385kjnlj]Cork[/color:385kjnlj][/b:385kjnlj] - Kate Rose Crean - Veil Off - [b:385kjnlj][color=#000080:385kjnlj]Cork[/color:385kjnlj][/b:385kjnlj] - Lorna Farrelly - [b:385kjnlj][color=#000080:385kjnlj]Cork[/color:385kjnlj][/b:385kjnlj] - Dawn - [b:385kjnlj][color=#000080:385kjnlj]Cork [/color:385kjnlj][/b:385kjnlj](but she has another wedding on in the morning and could only get to me by 1.30 for my 3.30 wedding) Previous recommendations are no longer available on the day (Liz McCarthy or Kate Noonan), so I've come across the above makeup artists and was hoping for some feedback. I've heard Zoe is excellent - but I'll have to pay approx 160 Euros for Zoe's travel expenses...and given her prices are already really expensive...I'm not so sure. I could probably afford to do it, but I'm wondering if it is really worth it, or if I'd get as good a job with someone local. Kate looks good too! Well they all do! Any thoughts or feedback? Thanks!
belcra Posts: 1097
Both Liz and Kate recommended Martha Mulconry to me - you can do searches here or PM me for her number. There's very good reviews on here for her. I think her company is called Makeup By Martha.
Mustang Sally Posts: 394
I'm having Martha too....and also planning a wedding from abroad!....same story, originally wanted Kate Noonan who was booked out and was recommended Martha. Can't say if she'd any good yet apart from that fact that I haven't heard any bad reports! Surely paying for someone to come from Dublin is an unneccessary expense? Do you have time to do a trial with a Cork based artist?
ninja next Posts: 1548
Dont think Id pay exepense all the way from Dublin - seems mad! I had dawn & she is AMAZING & so nice! If she says she can do it in the time avaiblable I'd totally go for her.You dont want your make up done too ealry as it has to last all night. I had her do my last out of 4 people & she stays right up till you leave for last min touch ups.
christmasbride2012 Posts: 478
I wouldn't pay that to be honest! I'm from Cork and there are loads of great make up artists. I have used Martha before and she is fantastic! For my wedding I'm using Emma from Smashbox and she's fab!! I can PM you her number if you like!
kittycatt24 Posts: 1322
im using charlotte o'mahony! she is amazing! il send u on a number if u wud like! no need to pay travel expense from dub when there are great MUA in cork!!
patriciamaccork Posts: 32
Hi I agree I think it would be mad to pay expenses from Dublin. I have been to events where Rosa O has done makeup. She is from Cork so no travel expenses and is very very good. Good luck!
Mustang Sally Posts: 394
My make up artist has fallen through :o( ...anyone recommend someone or PM a number?? Anyone heard of Nicola Lawler??
belcra Posts: 1097
[quote="Mustang Sally":2d5kuxh0]My make up artist has fallen through :o( ...anyone recommend someone or PM a number?? Anyone heard of Nicola Lawler??[/quote:2d5kuxh0] Just PM'd you 4 numbers for people in Cork. Hope one of them can help.
FazzyK Posts: 3
Thanks everyone for the inputs!