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Venus Bride Posts: 456
Hi Girls Just a quick question!! When boiling the water to make bottles, do you leave the water to cool before putting it in the bottles, or can you put the boiling water in the bottles and store them away then?? Thx
Venus Bride Posts: 456
meant to say so you leave the water to cool in kettle or can you put it straight into bottles !
darkie27 Posts: 1449
Leave the water to cool in the kettle
January Baby Posts: 1427
I'd fill the bottle with water & allow it to cool in the bottle especially as the bottle has been sterilised! Just dont add the formula till it's cooled as it will go all lumpy on you!
jellybaby Posts: 2316
Leave it to cool in the kettle - just leave it til it's cool enough to not burn you if it spilled on you, you don't have to wait til it's cold. It's recommended that you let it cool for 30 mins after boiling (in the kettle) before filling bottles. HTH
missc Posts: 875
says on SMA that u leave it in kettlr for at least 30mins to cool. id say boiling water wud prob damage plastic bottles
Perci Posts: 3847
Yeah, leave to cool in kettle for 30mins then pour into bottle and add formula. If you leave the water to cool for longer before adding the formula then it isn't hot enough to kill the bacteria in the formula. If you add the formula sooner than 30mins then it's too hot and can damage the nutrients in the formula! That's the recommendations anyway.
jellybaby Posts: 2316
As regards when to add the formula to the water - the advice seems to vary depending on what formula you use. We always just added the water to bottles and stored them like that in the press. Then, as we needed a bottle, we'd add the formula then, so it was fresh, and as the bottle wasn't refridgerated, it didn't need to be warmed before use. My friend is bottlefeeding a 9 week old at the moment, and called the formula company (I think it's Aptamil she's using, although could be wrong) and she was advised that this was perfectly fine to do with their formula. If you add the formula soon after the water, then you have to keep all the bottles in the fridge and warm then as needed. You also have to discard any that haven't been used within 24 hrs. HTH
Perci Posts: 3847
The advice does seem to vary, it can be confusing. These are the most up to date guidelines from the HSE if it's any help.