Please advise, my head is melted trying to figure out how to make up advance bottles of Aptimal Easy Digest. I was using Aptimal First and was just putting cool bolied water in my bottles, leaving them on the counter made up and adding formula and heating them in bottle warmer when needed. However now that I have changed I noticed the Easy Digest milk had little crystals in it when I added the formula. You need to add really hot water to get the formula to melt properly. I cant make up each feed as I go because my nipper wont wait half and hour for the kettle to cool down. She is hungry and wants her bottle pronto. I have read other posts about this and they say that they heat the cooled water in a bottle warmer and add formula and its fine, however I dont agree, the crystals dont melt at the temperature I heat my baby's bottle to. Can anyone help me?? I have spent the morning trying to work it out. Thanks in advance.