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be Posts: 48
Hi girls Just wondering if you can offer any advice on this... a friend of mine is now living in the usa, as I prefer to catch up with them by phone and this is very expensive using my mobile (dont have land line in my house)... does anyone know if there are call cards or anything like that which you can get which will make the calls cheaper and therefore I will be able to stay talking to them for a longer period of time. Im sure there is but what is the best option. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Be
Dreamster Posts: 6620
Hi be I know callcards are better value but I have no idea which brand are the best. I do know that using a call card on your mobile is still more expensive that using a call card on a land line.
be Posts: 48
Thanks for the reply dreamster Maybe it is just a matter of trial and error but as you know yourself when you get talking to a mate you dont see that much you can yak on for ages.. thus a big heafty bill at the end of it all when you chat regularly Be
Missus Lippy Posts: 5879
What about one of those call shops that seem to be springing up everywhere now? THey are very private as you have your own booth and if you timed it you would get an evening rate.
Tweetttee Posts: 60
Hi BE, How about Skype? [url:34pom6hi][/url:34pom6hi] I know many people use this sucessfully. HTH Tweetttee
be Posts: 48
Thanks for the replies, with regards to the chat cafes or whatever they are called I dont really live that close to one and since I would be calling quite late at night because of the time difference and to get them at home it would not really work for me. Also with the skype im living in the dark ages i dont have a pc or laptop at home so I would not be able to avail of this. Thanks for the suggestions though. I just guessed with limited options the call card thing was possibly the way to go. Be