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anonforquestion Posts: 22
I know there has probably been discussion around this in the past but I'm wondering have many people met really good close friends recently in their lives and how did you meet them, in particular at work? I know the majority of people would have 'old' friends from school, college etc but I find that it's very difficult to make new proper friends as I get older (now 31). In my own life currently I can see the only place I could make new friends being at work and I find its very difficult to have that level of friendship with people at work where you would contact/meet up with them outside of the work environment. I have two close friends from years ago, one who is supposed to be my best friend but the reality is that she was my best friend years ago but the closeness has drifted and we only see each other every 4/5 mlonths and keep in contact via texts etc maybe every 3/4 weeks. The other lives in another part of the country so I see her even less. I recently had to distance myself from one friend as she was draining me and was getting a bit weird and I have two other groups of aquantainces who I meet up with maybe once a year so I would love to have a bit more girly company. Anyone else in the same boat or any advice? I suppose I am a bit shy and wouldnt be the type tp strike up conversations with strangers or people I don't know easily, maybe this is my problem.
Bellabing Posts: 1449
an interesting question, it got me thinking. 2 of my good friends I met at work, my most recent BFF I met at a business networking group and 2 I met thro sharing rented accomodation. Then there's the WAGs of my husbands friends. work is probably the easiest option though
WaltKawolski Posts: 149
I consider myself very lucky to have the same very good friends for years. I speak to them a lot but don't see them much anymore as we're living all over the country now. We have to make a real effort to see each other. I consider my best friends to be mates I can talk to sporadically and when we do chat we can take up where we left off, like if we're in constant contact. I'm friendly with people at work, as opposed to friends with people from work. I probably haven't made a real friend in about 5 years! That's quite sad really when I think about it!
mrsp2010 Posts: 1461
i have very close friends who have always stuck by me but my best friend tbh we only became close this yr we were mates at parties but her and her man moved down the road and i have never had friends like them always there and i mean within mins if theres something wrong there they are we have the most amazin nites out ... which are usually in eachothers houses for dinner which happens every week were all animal lovers so all our dogs have formed a close pack and our picnics on the beach with our babies just cant be beaten she was the one who arranged to take me dress shoppin and we found my dress if i say to her i want to do this, she has it sorted before i can blink shes had it rough, and i want her to no i love her so much and couldnt be without her xx
joker Posts: 2789
My best friend and Bridesmaid lives in Scotland... I met her working in a bar through uni and our friendship grew from there... we email all week every week n I miss her loads... I felt very isolated when I moved home as all my friends were in Scotland (my school friends are ok... I was in with a bad crowd - so dont see many of them now and wouldnt have alot in common) I find it very hard to make friends... Im having an ann summers party this weekend to try n help me forge a few new friendships.... invited folk from work and cousins n some of their friends!
joer Posts: 1617
i tend to feel like that too, and it doesnt help that I work on my own so no fear of meeting friends that way! what about trying to arrange a WOL meetup in your area??? joining a class of some sort, although that can be quite hard too.
mrs bmw Posts: 6447
Try and join a club maybe?? I am going to a BMW meet up on Sunday week, just meeting at a location to show off the cars and go for a spin I can't wait! Nervous a little bit as will only be me and another girl but just need to get stuck in!!
Cathy34 Posts: 1068
It's amazing actually - the only good thing out of my marriage break up was how much closer I have become with the friends I already have and I even found a few new ones along the way. I met my closest friend only 3 years ago when we were working together and I very rarely make any friends at work. Also my oldest sons godmother and I have grown very close in the last 6 months, it's amazing, even though we know each other 10 years already. I'd say we speak now 2-3 times a week and it's so great.
littlechick Posts: 758
I am still great friends with 3/4 girls I went to school with. My BF I have known since I was 6. I have made another few good friends along the way too. I am great friends with my sister and see her every week. I also work alone so not too easy make friends there.
whackywoman Posts: 1496
a question I have often thought about and this year I realised I had more than I thought my "friends" are all scattered around the place. I have 3 very old female and one old male friends who I have known for years and I try and see/email/text as often as possible. I have a friend at work that I also knew in a previous job and another few friends who I would socialise with but wouldn't share my deepest secrets with at work. I also have other friends that I keep in touch with as much as possible that I have met over the years. I have also met a few people locally since I had DD. One thing I realised this year when my Mum died after a long battle with cancer is that I had a lot more friends and people who cared about me than I thought and people made a huge effort to try and be there for me either during her illness, funeral or even now. I think sometimes when something happens in your life that you realise how much people mean to you and care for you as well. Off course my DH is my bestest friend and I love him the most of anyone I know