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gottabfp Posts: 5641
people who are making your own flowers - are you artistic? im shocked to see the prices and was not planning in spending €1000 on flowers. i never taught in a million years that i would be able to make my own flowers but am willing to try, any tips. need bridal bouquet 4 bm 7 button holes 2 coursages 5 flowers for mothers and grandmothers church flowers then
hagfromhell Posts: 2146
I am not artistic whatsoever but am going to give the flowers a damn good shot. Google "making bouquets" or "making buttonholes" and it will bring it up for you. I got a couple of PMs from some very helpful people on this site so I will forward info to you when I get a chance. Can't do it now as am afraid of boss catching me!
july princess Posts: 63
If you go on to you tube and look up bridal bouquets there are step by step videos to help you along!!!
soon-to-be madame Posts: 59
Hi July 09 (I'm also getting married this July :o)ll ) I had been thinking of doing it myself to and put alot of research into it - so there really is a load of info online!!! i was also encouraged by some other wollies who said it wasn't that difficult even if you're not overly artistic! Like you, i really couldn't justify spending 1000! but anyone ive mentioned it too keep saying i must be mad to even consider doing it myself since the day before the wedding there will be 'so much to do' and it would be 'far too stressful' so having doubts now. might possibley get a flowerist in the end!
gottabfp Posts: 5641
thanks for the info girls. just looking on ebay at silk flowers can anyone recommend these - really cheap!
ozypozy Posts: 2950
Hi there, my mam is doing my flowers but i've heard the youtube videos are great! if you'd prefer fresh flowers look up they're based in Holland but deliver by DHL. Alternatively how about the flower market in Dublin. Just make sure you order greenery or fillers as well and you won't need as much flowers. even better rob the greenery out of your mam's garden!!
katiemomma Posts: 2690 is very good i was lookign at their stuff and even got a call the next day from them! they said they would call me 2months before wedding to talk about flowers i might want. minimum order is 150euro but they seem to have a great service. not sure what im doing yet. i watched youtube etc. they are very good going to try making buttonholes while im off at xmas see how they turn out. then if i do a good job i will get bouquets made and 5bms bouquets and make church flowers and buttonholes myself. ask your church see what vases they have and plants. i asked my church and they have bows for the pews from another wedding that i will prob use and they have loads of vases and stands to use. and they have the two trees that are in pots to go outside the church door. so im delighted i asked and the lady who takes care of the church was also delighted she said she hates to see people coming with loads of bought flowers and thinking of the money thats wasted. they die so soon after i cant justify paying for them. .... though im all talk now we will see closer tothe time :o0 got my mom and aunts on board though and they are willing to help out so do the same!
Kingston Design Posts: 895
I did my own and got the flowers in Smithfield and the oasis and other bits and bobs in a florist supplier shop just around the corner from the market. I was able to afford way more flowers than a florist would have done for me-I got calla lillies, anthuriums, freesias and lisianthus. What would have cost me €1200-2000 ended up costing just over €250! I had never done any flower arranging or anything like that before, actually my sister used to slag me off about how crap I was with flowers-but in the end they worked out well. Just keep your bouquets nice and simple but use striking flowers, give yourself loads of time to do them (we did them the day before and we set aside the whole day for the flowers [i:buib7ck7]only[/i:buib7ck7]) and remember the little details that can really make the difference between homemade and lush! We used really nice ribbons on the handle of the bouquets, I had a nice sparkly dimante detail on mine etc. You'll be suprised how well they can turn out!
little daisy Posts: 109
[quote="july 09":1ehltfrr]thanks for the info girls. just looking on ebay at silk flowers can anyone recommend these - really cheap![/quote:1ehltfrr] Hi July09 I supply silk and artificial flowers as well as fresh flowers. If you want me to send you a pic let me know. Cheers
Anonymous Posts: 24542
For anyone looking to source cheap artificial flowers, check out our website [url=][/url:1vkzaicc]. We have over 250 different types of artificial flowers and our range is constantly changing and evolving to suit the needs of our customers. Hope this is of help! :) Brian