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YoungsWIfe Posts: 738
Hi Girls I have decided to make my own wedding invitations. I have a few idea's in mind. I am getting married in December so I want to make them some time in September just incase anything goes wrong I have plenty time to fix them. Just wondering if anyone else made their own and would like to pass on a few tips.
Toblerone Posts: 2698
I made our invitations and the only thing I would say is it is a good idea to overestimate the materials you will need and the number of invitations you will need. There is nothing worse then having only a few left to do and finding that you don't have enough double sided sticky tape to finish off the last few. And then it is always an idea to do an extra 5 or so just in case you forget people or spell their names wrong on the invite :-8 I found it was easier to do it all in stages so that all the invitations were at the same stage rather than doing each one to completion. BUT then again that was related to the design of mine. DO start as soon as you can just to get them out of the way. Also make sure the envelopes you get fit the invitation you are making! Have fun! HTH :wv
Insert-Name-Here Posts: 762
Hi Lisa This is a great idea for a thread, I'm planning on making my own invites too so again if anyone out there has any tips??? :thnk
signorina_matrimonio Posts: 1297
I'm getting married in January and I finished making my invites there 2 weeks ago. I invested in the sticky dots from this site: They are a godsend - no messing with glue. This site is great for showing you how to make different bows: ... xd/Content And my final tip is to buy a white pair of cotton photography gloves to make sure you keep invites clean and fingerprint free (we had gold shiny hearts and the least little mark showed up): ... a8065efaf8 I'd also recommend stocking up on ink from this site - they offer really good prices. Another tip would be to get a table cloth and always place it on the surface you are working on to make sure that it is clean. I wrote the names in gold gel pen and found it was easier and tidier to write in block capitals - practice for a bit before you do the invites if you are using gel pens. Hope that helps.
mrskelly Posts: 203
Main thing that I would advise is to make the invites to suit an envelope... you would be surprised at how many people make invites and then realise they can't get an envelope anywhere near the size of the invite! Daintree is a great place for stationary. And give yourself plenty of time!! You would be surprised at the length of time it can take with distractions of one kind or another!
YoungsWIfe Posts: 738
Thanks for the tips girls. I have had a look on those web site and they are raellyhelpful. Realy looking forward to making thme now my four bridesmaids are gonna help me but we are gonna leave opening the wine until after we have finished them he he. O-O
summerbridez Posts: 154
FYI I was in the 2 euro shop today and they had paper trimmers in there. I only finished my invites last weekend and these would have been handy as I cut my invites with a blade and ruler, your hand gets sore after a while!! My advise would be to see out each stage until it's done and make sure to have plenty of glue dots/tape, I ran out and have to get more.
mkb Posts: 1744
I’ve invites for a couple of friends and family and things I wouldn't be with out are A good quick drying glue, and use a small art paint brush to apply it, this is much neater. Use the bottom of a drinks bottle to put the glue in so you can dab the brush in and out. A sharp scissors is essential A hole punch, A good guillotine actually saw one in the pound shop in Blanchardstown over the weekend €2.00 well worth it. A pair of tweezers helps if you have small bits and pieces to glue down and also saves you gluing your fingers together. The websites signorina_matrimonio mentioned are fantastic, I buy everything off there and they delivery everything to your door .And you’ll get loads of ideas and tools off it as well. And make sure you have a big table to spread everything out on. And cover it as well. I scraped mine. really badly h2b wasn’t impressed were not even in our house a year eeeek Have fun though, You’ll get great satisfaction out of doing them all yourself. :wv
MGTE Posts: 471
I'm making my own but its really simple and sending it off to america to have it letterpress printed. I'm making a booklet to go with it as we are getting married abroad so loads of info. I'm basing it on an invite I saw but couldn't afford: ... icia_david Just order some samples of paper from daintree and diywedding and will do a mock up to see how it goes! I only have 30 to make as its a small wedding. Wish me luck!
woggie Posts: 830
terrific thread - i was seriously considering making my own invites - more for the fun and personal touch than cost saving, H2B thought I was mad giving myself extra work, but i haven't heard of anyone doing them themselves and regretting it ! Thanks for all the tips girls.