Male Hairdresser

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Shrub Posts: 956
Got an appointment in a new salon that opened in town for this eve, The thing is its a guy i got, dont feel great about that or am i being silly??
*Muffin* Posts: 7243
I like having a male hairdresser. He doesn't say much and just gets on with it.
Hokey Cokey Posts: 4816
My hairdresser is a guy and he's great! Have gone to guys in the past as well and they have all been really good. Plus they're big strong hands give great head massages Chances are he's good looking, but unfortunately gay :o(
Shin Posts: 8515
hey shrub i dont think you're been silly per se but its just im surprised that it seems like a surprise to you that's all. Maybe its just me but it seems any hairdresser i go into it's very much 50/50 as to the sexes that work there. I have a cool hairdresser and colourist and they're both male. Dont worry about it, its as long as he does a good job thats all that counts whatchya getting done? :o)ll
Shin Posts: 8515
[quote="Muffinm":2ks2vqrt]I like having a male hairdresser. He doesn't say much and just gets on with it.[/quote:2ks2vqrt] and then he does your hair
Shrub Posts: 956
Yeah I have never gone to a guy before so will give it a shot :-8 :thnk
Shin Posts: 8515
is it that you'd feel more confortable if it was a woman touching your head with the massages etc?
Shrub Posts: 956
Not sure what it is Shin, think i would be more confident in myself with a woman hairdresser, its no biggie atall, as long as the end result is good :o)ll
Shin Posts: 8515
that's the spirit, i see what you mean. But as hokey said you might aswell feel like its a woman tending to you as chances are (and i hate to generalise) is that he is going to be gay. where are you getting it done by the way?
Mama Dora Posts: 14987
I had a guy the last time he was a great laugh!!