Male Wedding rings in Galway

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sunshine30 Posts: 29
Hi Girls Can anyone advise where to get an affordable wedding ring for the Groom in Galway? Thanks a lot!
flor Posts: 1621
Hi sunshine, have you been to any shops yet? If not, maybe you could just go in to the usual shops & tell them your budget & see what they come up with. I got both my e-ring & w-ring from Lazlos & would recommend them (I would recommend dealing with Anne, specifically). Park Jewellers often has reasonably priced stuff. Found Blacoes very helpful also. There is one shop I would not recommend, OH ordered his ring from them (had it made, & it wasn't a cheap ring either), & they really didn't inspire much confidence. PM if you'd like the details.
sunshine30 Posts: 29
thanks so much for your help. I have my wedding ring which I bought in Hartmanns. My hubby to be is not really into rings and will not wear it while he is working, so we dont want to spend too much on it!
Annajoly123 Posts: 601
Lazlos,fallers and heartmans would be the main good ones. I was looking in H Samual a few weeks ago and noticed they had a few male rings but they werent anything special in my opinion but seemed to be a decent price! Their is also a shop on cross street ( I think it is called :-8 its on the road between shop street and quay street) It is just beside Kettle of Fish and The Front Door. They is a jewelers there that sells women's rings at discount prices so they might have a few mens rings as well? Worth checking out! :)
flor Posts: 1621
If your h2b isn't in to wearing rings then you could certainly go for something budget. I'd forgotten about H Samuels but that'd also be a good place to look. You could even shop online for one! E.g. tungsten is a low cost metal & fairly hard wearing, or even stainless steel. If you google "mens tungsten ring" it throws up a whole plethora of websites. Here's an example Nobody would really be able to tell the difference!
AquariusGal Posts: 512
Cahalans in Ballinasloe is pretty affordable, room to haggle :)
sunshine30 Posts: 29
thanks so much girls.