mama & papa garda nursery set in argos

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annie77 Posts: 484
Girls, has anyone got this set? Looking for any reviews or feedback. Seems like great value but always going to be a bit scepical buying something i haven't seen. ... 417585.htm thanks,
lush11 Posts: 2877
We got the cot and its gorgeous. Very solid and looks lovely. Bit of work involved in putting it together (we nearly killed each other, my hubbie is not technically minded) but i love it. We have it at the maximum height at the moment and we're gonna use it for changing the baby as he/she will be in a moses basket beside our bed for the first few months. I'd go for it. Its a great deal.
rusky Posts: 2
Hi Annie77, Just wondering if you went ahead & bought the complete set (or any) of the Garda package from Argos. I was looking at this online, but would have loved to see one for the quality. It was a toss up between this & the Rialto one currently on-sale in Mama & Papa. Love to hear your feedback on this if u did purchase.... thanks, Rusky PS I'm due in 1 week & need to get me skates on!!! LoL :-8
annie77 Posts: 484
Hi Rusky, I didn't end up going with this set in the end. Got the Summer Oak set in Mothercare which is cream and oak, it was half price in the summer sale so got it for 660. Solid oak and great quality, I would highly recommend it! It doesn't seem to be on the website anymore but it should be in the stores as the sale is still on. The cot and chest of drawers are in the Crescent in Limerick. Good luck! Annie
Abimum2011 Posts: 338
We only ordered this M&Ps set from Argos on Thursday and will get it in 21 days. Can't wait! :o)ll Nice to hear someone else got the cot and they find it sturdy. Just love the white/wood look. Dying to get it now.
BookThief Posts: 34
Hi I am really thinking of ordering this also....good deal! Would love to have seen it first though! Do you know if it is White or Cream?