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NovSmile Posts: 50
Hi All I went to look at the Icandy Peach yesterday and just thought it was very big and chunky! Sturdy but just way too big for a 2 bedroom house and small car. So I also looked at the Sola and thought it was lovely, a lot more compact but with good suspension for walking which I plan on doing a lot of. The pram can be used from birth so no need for carrycot and the Maxi Cosi car seat can be used on it. Seems all good just wondering does anyone know anything else about it before I go putting deposits down :) Thanks
Giant Underpants Posts: 953
I was in Murphys in Rathcoole today. I have a buggy already, but I fell in love with the Sola so thinking of getting one too. They are selling it for €325 and the girl told me they would give me the maxi cosi car seat for half price (so €95) if I bought them altogether. She also said they would give a discount on other accessories like parasol/change bag etc. I really shouldnt even be looking - I have a McClaren XLR which is prefectly good, just its a horrible orange and grey colour coz we didnt know the baby's sex when we bought it - now we have a girl Id like something prettier! Wish Id waited to buy or found out the sex and got one of the M&P prams. I dont own one (yet!) but they are lightweight and really pretty. the only thing is the seat is separate to the chassis which means it will take up a lot of room in your car - one reason we went for the McClaren was coz they fold up in one piece which I thought would be handy for going away say on a plane. Two piece buggies like the sola mightnt travel as well...though god knows when Ill be going on a plane again!
maisedon Posts: 1394
My sister has this and she absolutely loves it!!! It looks great too- the amount of people that stop her to ask her where she got it is unreal!!!