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Venus Bride Posts: 456
Hi Girls Just wondering if any of you know if Mamas and Papas will be having a sale anytime soon ?? I was working out the price of the nursery decor last night and I nearly got a heart attack !!
autumnbaba08 Posts: 127
Hi Venus Bride I was in the Blanchardstown branch last Friday and the sales assistant was so helpful to the point that she was telling me to wait till June time to purchase anything that they would be having a sale then. She advised me to register on their website as you would get bulletins of when the sales take place. Hope this helps :wv
charli Posts: 5994
Venus i just responded on your other post, i did up my nursery for dd1 4 years ago in Mamas and Papas but changed a few bits for this baby and got stuff in Next, i know you were asking about Ollie and Molly in the other post - i changed my curtains and a few other things this time and the ollie/molly were a perfect match and great quality
Tess72 Posts: 1173
If you go on to the M&Ps website at the moment its advertising a 10% discount sale next Saturday 3rd May. I think you need to apply or do something online for the voucher though (havent looked at it properly to know what you need to do).