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summerbabs Posts: 120
Hi Girls, Am new to Wol, have being browsing lately but 1st time to post. Need a bit of advice please, I have been looking at the Zeddy & Parsnip range in Mamas & Papas they have 20% off at the moment. Confused re the curtains.. They only come in 1 size W132cm x L160cm. Just wondering if that means each individual curtain is 132cm (264cm in total)or the pair add up to 132cm. My window is measuring 180cm in width. If anyone could shed any light on this for me it would be great, thanks
redfly Posts: 358
Hi, I had this very same dilemma but ordered them anyway. Turned out each curtain measured 132cm so they just about fit my average sized window. Hope this helps.
summerbabs Posts: 120
Thank you so much redfly, Gonna go order them online now, another thing off the list.
Diva30 Posts: 286
[color=#000080:27ixs4m2]Hi Gals, The 20% off this range is fab - I stocked up in lots of Zeddy & Parsnip interiors yesterday; we got the curtains as well! Pity they are only in the one size - we got them anyway! They can always be altered if need be... The Zeddy & Parsnips range is gorgeous - very fresh :-) [/color:27ixs4m2]
summerbabs Posts: 120
Love the Zeddy & Parsnip range too Diva30, love lemon. Got all the bits needed when there was 20% off. Collecting them next week cant wait to do the nursery :)