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yorkie Posts: 375
Hi, Just wondering if anybody has already gotten or intends to get any of the Willow range of furniture from M&P? We saw it today in M&P in Blanch and thought it was lovely & good value too (under €700 for cot, wardrobe & changer unit). The small size of it would suit us as our nursery will be compact. My only concern is that the cot might be a little on the small side?? The side doesn't drop either, but I don't know if that's a major disadvantage? (TBH it was hubbie who pointed that out, I hadn't even noticed). [url:26dfunqw][/url:26dfunqw]
lucy1 Posts: 109
HI Yorkie., I have the cot and changing table from this range. The changing table it excellent as it is quite high (I am v tall) and has three very good sized drawers- I have all her clothes and her changin stuff in it and plenty of room. The cot is smaller than cot beds but still looks absolutely massive compared to my new born- she hasn't used it yet as still in moses basket. The sides dont drop down but it has three levels so when they are tiny you put it at the highest level so you dont have to bend down too far. We chose it because I wanted white furniture and also as our room for her is on the small side and we wanted to fit in a single bed as well so that I could use it for feeding during the night. IT's lovely!
yorkie Posts: 375
Hey Lucy1, Thanks for your reply & congrats on your new arrival! It is a lovely set. I think I am just looking for flaws. I looked up the sizes of some of the M&P Cotbeds & there was only 1-2 inches in the width difference and 5-6 in the length anyway..... I think I will go for it. Thanks again :wv